Ha:san Bak Saguaro Festival

This Festival focuses on the Saguaro Cactus, both it’s physiology and it’s cultural significance primarily with the Tohono O’odham Tribal Nation. As one of the greatest iconic symbols of the desert southwest, the Saguaro Cactus is a native to the Sonoran Desert. It has a very long lifespan, often exceeding 150 years, and can grow to be over 40 feet high with the largest on record reaching an astounding 78 feet!

There are 2 ways to enjoy the festivities:

1) PUBLIC PORTION includes presentations, archaeological hikes, demonstrations of flintknapping, hands on cultural activities, and native fry bread. No reservations required for the public portion.
** 10AM-3PM Public Portion, free and open to the general public.

2) WORKSHOP includes the public portion above and manufactuing traditional tools, harvesting the fruits, and learning about the cultural significance of this ancient tradition. Depending on the harvest all participants get syrup to take home with them, and invaluable experiences in this rich tradition.
** 5AM, Sunrise Workshop, includes Public Portion if desired. Workshop $65/person, or 2/$100, by reservation only.

Please contact Lauren @ (520) 647-7275 for reservations and more information.

Photos by A.E. Araiza/Arizona Daily Star