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Saddle up! Come enjoy a leisurely guided Western trail ride through scenic La Posta Quemada Ranch. Starting from the site of the historic Mountain Springs Hotel and Stage Station, you’ll leave behind the modern world as you lose yourself along the old National Mail Stagecoach Route. See spectacular and complex geological formations and a Hohokam bedrock mortar site as you ramble through unspoiled Sonoran desert.

Please call the stables at 520-647-3450 to reserve your ride and for more information.

Super-cute animals eagerly awaiting to see you!
Please contact the stables 520-647-3450 for a complete list of current petting zoo critters.

In 2011 we adopted two female Desert Tortoises – Cienega and Shelley – who reside in their very own stone enclosure at La Posta Quemada Ranch. Our youngest tortoise Cienega, born in 1995, is very sociable when she’s out and often assists with our education efforts. Then we have our seasoned grandame Shelley, born in 1970, who is very shy but has a super sweet disposition.

Did you know Desert Tortoises…?
– can survive droughts by storing water in their bladders.
– hibernate in the winter.
– are most active during the rainy monsoon season (July–September).
– have a lifespan of between 50-60 years in the wild and up to 80 years in captivity.
– are protected BY LAW in both Arizona and Nevada.

A colorful retreat where dreams take wing…

The Butterfly Garden at Colossal Cave Mountain Park is carefully designed to provide for the full life cycle of butterflies. There are larval food plants for the caterpillars, nectar to sustain the adults, shade and camouflage for protection from predators—and there’s even a special spot for their puddle parties! A haven for butterflies, it is also a place of rest, entertainment, and education for the human guests that visit! The plants are all native varieties. Check out our list of butterflies that have been identified in the Park over the last 40-plus years. You can print it and bring it with you when you visit, and add your own sightings to our list!

Are you a birdwatcher? The Park, because of its many microhabitats, offers great birding. Check out our list of birds that have been identified in the Park over the last 40-plus years. You can print it and bring it with you when you visit, and add your own sightings to our list!

An Analemmatic Sundial—like the one here in Colossal Cave Mountain Park—is not round like most sundials you may think of. Ours is horizontal! It consists of a central calendar grid and an ellipse showing the hours. The gnomon, a vertical rod or pin, is used to tell the time. Our sundial is large enough to use a person as the gnomon! Come be an interactive part of our Analemmatic Sundial located at La Posta Quemada Ranch.

For groups with advance notice our gemstone sluice at the Ranch is great fun for the kids (and adults, too). Recalling a Western tradition—panning for gold—our replica mining sluice gives you the opportunity to pan for gemstones and fossils! Take away your hoard in its own bag; with the gemstones and fossils, you will receive a descriptive card identifying your treasures.

Our venue offers an ideal setting for you to host an unforgettable wedding, party, business meeting, or private romantic dinner. This one-of-a-kind property accommodates groups of varying sizes, with catering options and room rentals to meet your specific needs.

Contact us for rates and availabilities 520-647-7275 or [email protected]

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