Historic La Posta Quemada Ranch

La Posta Quemada, or the burnt station, has a long and storied history that includes bandits, stagecoaches, ranchers, hotel-owners, cowboys and the Civilian Conservation Corps among others. Its name is derived from a nearby Butterfield Stagecoach stop that burned to the ground in the 1860s. The station was rebuilt, only to succumb to fire a second time. Now as a part of Colossal Cave Mountain Park it is once again serving travelers and adventurers.

Trail Rides

Cowboy up! What a pleasure it is to takes a leisurely guided Western trail ride through the scenic La Posta Quemada Ranch. Starting from the site of the historic Mountain Springs Hotel and Stage Station, you’ll leave behind the modern world and lose yourself along the old National Mail Stagecoach Route. You’ll see some spectacular and complex geological formations along the route, plus archeological evidence of the ancient Hohokam culture as you ramble through unspoiled Sonoran Desert.

Trail Rides
.5 hour: $38
1 hour: $47
1.5 hours: $71
2 hours – $87

Sunset Rides
1.5 hours: $82
2 hours: $87

NOTE: All Stable Rides are closed for the 2020 Season until further notice

Petting Zoo

Expect lots of joyful squealing when your little ones encounter our super-cute and friendly animals. Kids are always dazzled by their up-close encounters with our goats, sheep, rabbits — both babies and full-grown animals. There’s even a miniature horse! This is educational fun at its best for kids of all ages.

An all-day pass is just $5.

NOTE: Petting Zoo is closed for the 2020 Season until further notice