Take a walk with us, exploring our Mountain Park’s rich natural history. Colossal Cave Mountain Park hosts archeological sites that whisper secrets of a past once lived by ancient civilizations. Our vast geological history can be seen for miles in any direction. We will walk along trails tread by people of the past and discover geological features and rocks that suggests an even longer history, before the first people visited this beautiful area.

We’ll explore the Ho’hokam ways of life as they would have lived over a thousand years ago in our Mountain Park. We’ll discover rocks along the trail that represent geologic time periods millions and billions of years ago. We’ll discuss historical facts about the Ranch and you’ll learn fun facts about our local flora and fauna.

A day spent outdoors is well spent! This walk is approximately 1.5 hours and covers approximately 0.9-1.0 miles of easy hiking trails. Perfect for ages 5 and over, $5 per person.

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