Our Toddler Time Tours are geared specifically towards families with little children.

Wee ones have very specific needs. Here’s how it goes … and we’ve all been there. You want your young child to enjoy new experiences and try new things, but your wee ones don’t always want to cooperate when it comes to a guided tour. Missed naps, late meals, boredom and over-stimulation can sometimes make lives miserable on a long, guided tour. The whining starts, then the crying (from both you and the child), then the tantrums begin looming like dark clouds on the horizon. In the meantime, everyone else on the tour is giving you the stink-eye, like you’re THAT horrible parent with THAT horrible child. All you want to do is climb in a hole, but in the cave, you’re already in a hole with no apparent escape!

Parents can now relax and take a deep breath. These tours are super kid-friendly, fun, and educational. And yes, you are required to bring your children with you!

Reservations are highly recommended. Click here for Toddler Time Tour tickets.